The story starts out with Superman and the other members of the Justice League storming the White House where Superman uses deadly force to defeat the President of the United States - Lex Luthor using his heat vision. This is shown later in the story to be an alternate world. A world where the League goes down the wrong path in part because of the death of the Flash.
The real League is tricked into coming into this alternate world by the alternate Justice Lords. They are captured, while the Justice Lords turn to the Justice League's Earth to rule it. Doomsday makes an appearance fighting the Justice Lords to a standstill. Awesome fight scenes here. The only gripe I have is when the alternate Hawk Girl get's uppercut by Doomsday hundreds of feet into the air that should have been all she wrote, but instead she's right back on her feet in the next scene. Hawk Girl is seen as way to powerful in some episodes and this one was definitely an example. The only power she really has is wings and a magic mace. Since when can she take a punch from Doomsday? Besides this discrepancy, the scenes of the alternate Superman fighting Doomsday are awesome. One scene has them hitting each other at the same time causing a shock wave that destroys windows in a nearby skyscraper and almost knocks a helicopter for a loop. Now that's worthy of a movie scene. Almost defeated the alternate Superman uses his heat vision to lobotomize Doomsday.
I like this episode better than the latest Doomsday dvd released by WB.