Since I never got a chance to work on the Teen Titans cartoon because of my full time position with Justice League or never got to draw certain Marvel characters, I really got into drawing the Hulk in the Titans style when I heard Marvel was going to do a new cartoon about it. I came up with 12 different designs of super heroes and villains over this past week-end, including two versions of Dr. Strange and the Black Panther. Here is my first pass at the Hulk just for fun. I'll post the others eventually.
BTW this is my 100 th post, good times!

Update (7/4/08') I heard the new Hulk cartoon got cancelled because of the poor sales with the toys after the latest theatrical release. It really sucks that a bunch of stiff ass toy executives decides what to do in the animation industry, it should be the other way around. The lack of talent and vision of certain people in this industry really bothers me. It's not all about the Benjamins, how about true art and real talent.