Incredible Hulk #181- Wolverine jumps on Hulk. He then jumps off Hulk and kicks Wendigo. Hulk decides that "little man is Hulk's friend" since he fights Hulk's enemies. Wolverine doesn't get why Hulk thinks they're buddies, but he uses Hulk. Wolvie distracts Wendigo and Hulk picks him up and throws him into some trees. Wolverine then brings the full force of his claws down on the Wendigo. With Wendigo down Wolverine attacks Hulk. Marie and George take Wendigo and do his half of the transfer. Hulk and Wolverine battle until Marie performs a spell of subjugation. Wolvie and Hulk pass out, and Hulk transforms back into Banner. George refuses to help Marie anymore and leaves. Marie tries to move Banner but awakens him and retriggers the change. Hulk doesn't like being tricked. Wolverine continues his battle with Hulk while Marie goes back to the cave. When Marie screams Wolverine looks over and hulk knocks him out with a punch. That’s right folks a glancing blow knocks Wolverine unconscious.

WINNER: Hulk, SCORE: Hulk 1, Wolverine 0