Dead Space Downfall

Good Anime , low quality in graphics, excelect B movie. It is dark , bloody full goar like a Ramirez film.
The story is pretty much straightforward. Dead planet, host parasitic alien form, comes to ship and kills everyone.
If you are into horror Sci Fi, you may like it.
For the record all of this images are copyright either EA of Film Roman.

Here is one of my "character design" jobs. Miner # 1 covered in blood.

Another "design" for one of the many Slashers...

They actually misspelled my last name after I made them read it back to me properly... it's Tejeda not Tejada.
They misspelled my last name on The Simpsons Movie too, but after I demand an explanation they corrected it for the DVD release. You would think in a multimillion dollar industry the people in charge of the credits would check how to spell everyone's names...once again that's Hollywood for ya.