Watchmen Birthday Card

Behold, the birthday card for my ex-wife. Since she thought Rorschach stole the movie I figure she may like a Rorschach birthday card. I hope you dig the step by step posts.
What did you think of the movie? I really liked it. I thought it was a good comic book adaptation, not too many people in Hollywood knows how to do that properly. I think most of the people who didn't read the comic had a hard time following the movie and getting it. And most of the people who were familiar with the comic really liked it. I wasn't too crazy about Nixon's make up, that could be better. Ozymandias' lynx Bubastis could be better too, it looked too CG to me. And yes you can see Doc Manhattan's wee wee so fu@*ing what! When is nudity going to stop being a taboo subject in America? You were born naked, remember? The sex scene with the Silk Spectre and the Night Owl was too short if you ask me, my goodness she looks so hot in that skintight latex. I liked the end better in the movie as well.
Great flick all around thou. I heard they made $55,655,000 on the opening week end. I hope Zack Snyder keeps making comic book related movies.