Mystique vs. Shadow Lass

Well there you have it, the colored version. I'm sure I'll find more thing to correct later on when it's not 4:30 in the morning.
Ah...Mystique. Throughout most of her history, Mystique has been a supervillainess, founding the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and assassinating several important people involved in mutant affairs. Mystique herself is a mutant, a shapeshifter whose natural appearance includes her blue skin and yellow eyes. At one point, she mentioned she is over 100 years old.
And Shadow Lass it's from the 31st centurie, her real name is Tasmia Mallor and her homeworld is Talok VIII. She has the power to project darkness. Like all Talokians, she has blue skin and pointed ears. She and her cousin Grev (Shadow Kid) received their powers from their ancestors, whose spirits reside in a cave on Talok VIII (Talokians practice ancestor worship).
Shadow Lass joined the Legion of Super Heroes after her homeworld was invaded by the Fatal Five. She helped the Legion to defeat them. After joining, she became romantically involved with Lar Gand and eventually married him after he was mortally wounded fighting the Time Trapper as part of the conspiracy to avenge Superboy's death at the Trapper's hands.