Jonah Hex

On July 10 2009 I got a message from a Jonah Hex fan, requesting a commission piece.
It would have to be in the Batman the Brave and the Bold style.
From that original message:

Hello Tommy,
I am a great admirer of your artwork.
I especially enjoyed your sketch on Jonah Hex. I thing it is one of the best I have seen of Jonah.
I am a Jonah Hex collector and I was wondering if you do any sketches for fans?
I have a limited budget but I would love to get a quick convention style sketch of Jonah Hex for my collection.

Since I'm always working two jobs and busy freelancing I don't do any commission art, but in this case for whatever reason I went for it and mailed the original. Also did it at no charge from the goodness of my heart for a fan. If it wasn't for the fans we (the artists) wouldn't be where we are at.
Curious, I never heard back from Gil...