Zoë Saugin is another member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th century. Zoe's mother Azra was a renowned archeologist who shuttled her and her younger brother Thanot around the galaxy on her digs. One day, Azra inhaled poisonous gas while on an excavation, which started eating away her lungs. Feeling helpless as she watched her mother die, Zoe searched through Azra's books and found a magical incantation using the Moon of Kol, an artifact her mother had found. Apparently, the Moon could transform a "drop of love into a wellspring of health" once in a lifetime. Zoe managed to heal her mother. Zoe spent the next few years searching for more sources of magic which she could use. She found one while exploring caverns on Saturn's moon Titan, where she found and absorbed an energy pool which unlocked her telekinetic abilities. Zoe named herself "Kinetix", (as in "telekinetics"), and joined the Legion of Super-Heroes as part of the second set of draftees alongside Shrinking Violet, who later became her best friend. Zoe would become a major asset to the Legion. When the "Terrorforms" changed the people of Earth, Zoe was among the genetic few who became a Terrorform. As a Terrorform, Zoe was linked to the planetary biosphere and responsible, with her fellow Terrorforms, for safeguarding and speeding up the evolutionary process on Earth.
Kinetix possessed telekinetic abilities, which she primarily used to manipulate and reshape solid matter with her thoughts. As a Terrorform, her abilities were undefined, partially as they are reactive to the circumstances she is in. She has been shown to possess healing abilities, flight, greatly enhanced strength, the ability to survive unaided in space, and control of gravity. It was revealed in the Legion of the Three Worlds mini-series that Kinetix had absorbed the magics of the home universe of Earth-247 after its destruction, making her stronger than ever.
Since Zoë is a sexy red wearing green it seemed perfect for today, Saint Patrick's Day! 
May your cares be all behind you! May the luck of the Irish find you.