Lightning Lad

Garth Ranzz is one of the three original members/founders of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Empowered with the ability to control electricity he is called Lightning Lad. Garth is the twin brother of fellow legionnaire Lightning Lass and the younger brother of Lightning Lord. Garth lost his right arm to a giant space whale, and had to get a cybernetic replacement. Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl became one of the Legion's earliest couples. Incidentally you have millions of nerves that receive signals from the brain. These signals tell the nerve to operate your muscles in a specific way. These signals are electrical in nature and travel at nearly the speed of light. So you could say you are an electrical energy being. Whoever came up with some superpowers for the Legion of Superheroes was certainly out there and who's to say one day in the future we may be able to have some of those amazing powers too. As a kid, the thing I liked the most about Lightning Lad was that he had Saturn Girl for a girlfriend. The background was done by the Gelmi Art Studio but I had to tone it down so it blends with the animation style a little better.