I've always wanted to design, explore and have fun with my own version of the Legion of Super-Heroes, but for some reason or another I was never able to find the time. It was great to actually work for the TV show WB came up with back in 2006 produced by James Tucker. All thou it wasn't my personal take on it. I thought I should have some fun and play with those endless DC characters. Here is my first rough concept...
Lar Gand, known primarily as Mon-El, is a character in the DC Comics Universe who is associated with the Legion of Super-Heroes and Superboy. The character has been reinterpreted over the years, but in all versions serves as a hero with abilities similar to those of Superman, sometimes serving as a substitute for the better-known character. 
As a kid, I've always liked this character. I thought it was so cool to see another future version of a Kryptonian like character.