Phantom Girl

Phantom Girl, real name Tinya Wazzo. She has the power to turn intangible, allowing her to phase through solid objects as do all other natives of her home planet, BgztlIn the second reboot continuity Tinya Wazzo is also the fifth to join, under the codename Apparition. In the new Legion of Super-Heroes continuity that started in 2005, Tinya Wazzo is again called Phantom Girl. Ultra Boy and Phantom Girl are extremely close.
After looking at most of her different designs thru time and realizing most of them are terrible, I based this one on the design James Tucker did for the animated TV series. The best one yet to my personal taste. Incidentally during my lunch break I was looking at my friend Paul Wee's sketchbook and saw a beautiful Betty Page drawing that sparked the idea of using that hair style on Tinya. 
Since I don't have much time for a BG, I retouched the Lexus Tower concept by London-based Agency Daniel Widrig that is to be build in Japan. This building already has the shape of a  letter "L" perfect for the Legion Headquarters.