The young woman called Glorith is the second to bear that name, also Black Witch's apprentice and newest member of the Legion Academy. The first Glorith was a one-time Legion foe who was recruited by the Time Trapper. The curent Glorith is a young woman whose background is still a mystery. She has said that she was "chosen as a baby to serve the light" and has no memory or images of her parents. She first appeared under the wing of the Black Witch and Blok, on the Sorceror's World. The current incarnation of Glorith has training in the use of sorcery, but is still a novice in the mystic arts. She has certain magical abilities that can be used spontaneously, but apparently requires prior preparation or the use of rituals for more significant effects. The BG was made by Srinu, to my understanding. Of course I retouched it to match my character better. You can find more of those magical backgrounds on
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