Insectoid teleporter and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Ti'julk Mr'asz was born on Earth-247 on the planet Vyrga, a jungle world of sentient insects. He was one of the planet's few free-thinkers among an otherwise conformist, hive-mind. He was also one of the few members of his race who manifested their latent power of teleportation. Ti'julk was given the names Gates and was "drafted" into the Legion of Super-Heroes. Gates has the latent, unrealized ability of his people to open teleportational discs which he can link together to make spatial doorways. Gates survived the Blight invasion of Earth. He went with the Legion to stop a tear in the space-time continuum where several Legionnaires were ultimately lost. After traveling back in time with a number of his teammates from the Legion of Superheroes, the remainder of the team (referred to as Legion Lost out of continuity) is on the trail of Alastor who threatens to release a virus which can destroy all of mankind.  After nearly stopping him in Minnesota the team travels to New York City in their continued attempt to track him. The BG Alien Jungle by Anne Ch Postma.