The amphibian character from the 30th century has been a longtime student at the Legion Academy. She possesses the power to survive underwater and direct bolts of bio-electricity. The young girl from the 30th century who would be come to be known as Lamprey started life as a normal Earth girl known as Tayla Skott. After her uncle performed less than legitimate experiments on her, she was anything but normal. Though the only goal of the experiment was to graft gills to a human being, Tayla  had in addition bright green skin and the ability to store and project electricity.   Wanting to use her powers for good, she tried out for the Legion of Super-HeroesLamprey, Crystal Kid and Nightwind trained with Wildfire.  She participated in training missions with the Academy until it closed. Afterwards, she moved on to teaching a new generation of galactic defenders at the United Planets Militia Academy.
BG, Underwater City by Mdimotta-d5byalt. It actually looks nothing like the original after I was done with the blur fx to achieve my goal. It was a lot of fun and very challenging to come up with an energetic water fx for the hair.