Spider Girl

The character was first mentioned as a concept in the letters page of Adventure Comics when a fan suggested a character with the power of super-strong prehensile hair.
30th-century earthling Sussa Paka underwent gene-altering which allowed her absolute control over her long hair. Once a member of the Legion of Super-Villains, once a Legionnaire, once a thief, Sussa has a sticky past. 

Spider Girl formally first appeared as a failed Legion of Super-Heroes applicant.
She went on to join Tarik the Mute's underground academy for supervillains and later the Legion of Super-Villains.
During the Five-Year Gap run in Legion of Super-Heroes volume 4 (1989), Paka was written as a half-reformed thief with a crush on Legionnaire Ultra Boy.
She joined the adult Legion as Spider Girl, but when the team was outlawed by the United Planets, they went underground, changing their appearances and codenames, even wearing masks. In this storyline, occurring just prior to the Zero Hour reboot of the titles, Sussa changed her codename to Wave and dyed her hair blue.
The BG was made by artist Matt Luxton, of course I changed it a bit to fit my character better.
I'm still not 100% with her left side, I may revise it eventually fwi.