Bouncing Boy

30th century hero Bouncing Boy is the Legionnaire with the heart of gold and girth of a basketball. His sole power is the ability to inflate and bounce with amazing agility and resistance.

While working for a scientist on 30th Century Earth, Chuck Taine accidentally drank an experimental super-plastic fluid while watching a sports event. The fluid drastically altered his body, giving him the power to inflate into a spongy round shape that could bounce and ricochet without harm. Accidental interfering with the event, he quickly made his exit and decided to try out for the Legion of Super-Heroes. Chuck tried out twice for the team and was rejected both times. After defeating an electrical villain because he wasn't grounded, Chuck took the name Bouncing Boy and was invited to join the Legion of Super Heroes finally. His good humor and charming personality eventually led him to proclaiming himself Legion 'Morale Officer'.
I wish I knew the name of the artist for this beautifully painted background. I hardly changed anything on this one. I found it at
I wanted to stick to the original character design but at the same time I really liked what was done with the animated version. So I did my best to blend both into one.
Legionnaire number 41 and a whole lot more to come...