Blok is a silicon-based life-form from the planet Dryad with a naturally high density and strength. Carbon based humanoids had come to settle the planet, not realizing that the world was already inhabited by the silicon natives. Blok's people watched the carbon humanoids for a time, and once they determined that they meant no harm, revealed themselves. The two species helped each other and shared the planet. An undetermined time later, Dryad's core became unstable and eventually was destroyed. Blok and his friends misinterpreted the Legion of Super-Heroes rescue efforts and assumed the heroes had destroyed their world. Blok first appeared as a member of the League of Super-Assassins. He was manipulated by The Dark Man, a clone of Tharok, into attacking the Legion of Super-Heroes. When he learned that the Legionnaires were not his enemies, he turned on the Assassins and his former master, the Dark Man, and eventually joined the Legion. Blok was killed later on by Roxxas, who tracked him down to the Puppet Planetoid and carried out his mission, delivering Blok's dismembered corpse to the ranch home of Garth and Imra Ranzz on Winath. On the Retroboot New Earth he is the Black Witch's guardian. Forgive me if I don't post every single detail of this character, it will take too long to write.
The BG by Tory M. and dust FX by Matthew Timms were both retouched to go with Blok a little smoother.