Chameleon Girl

The wife of Colossal Boy and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Being a native of Durla, Chameleon Girl has the power of shape-shifting.
Yera is from Earth, in the 30th century. Yera's family had migrated to Earth early on so Yera was actually born on Earth and not on Durla. This was enough to alter her perception of identity. She is also an accomplished actress and once posed as Legionnaire Shrinking Violet for an extended period of time. Chameleon girl is currently a member of Legion Lost, she will soon be facing off against an army of Harvest's minions. After surviving the Culling, the Legionnaires managed to get a hold of a time bubble and returned home to find it in ruin. Yera's musings suggest that she knows something that the others don't and she has a mission of her own to accomplish. Recently, she was subdued by the members of Project Metamerican alongside Tyroc.
The BG is called Blue Lab by Rapha Gutierrez. I hardly retouched it. I wanted a light color in the BG to pop out her sexy shapes. I asked myself, is this border line too sexy for a super heroine? She is an actress after all, most of female actresses are pretty hot, so why not. 
Happy 11/11 btw...