And finally Blobetta, my last Lori Morning alias from the Dial-H device.
It was the most challenging character to design so far, specially since all I could find for reference was only one comic panel. It's so awkward and ugly. I did my best to make it look somewhat decent.
Since Lori had a thing for Rond Vidar, notice his picture on the wall. This BG I found on and I changed some elements and color to pop out her silhouette.
It feels good to finish all her aliases, that's a good way to start 2014.
Before I decided to begin drawing every Legionnaire that ever was, I had no idea there where so many.
I thought maybe 50 characters the most. I couldn't be more wrong, there is at least over 150 including all Lori Morning aliases. Reboot, threeboot etc etc, might seem difficult to accomplish but not impossible. I have a good feeling something good may come out of this Legion of Super Heroes marathon, hopefully before the 30th Century.
Geting to express my creativity freely without any producer telling what to do it's the best feeling in the world as an artist. Also a good reminder to the world I don't only draw The Simpsons for a living. I'm very versatile style wise. Enough said, more real Legionnaires on the way...
Btw, a very heartfelt thanks for those few that actually read my posts.