Insect Queen

And to continue with the red haired Metropolitans friends of Superman, Lana Lang is the Insect Queen.
Insect Queen is a name used by several characters in the DC Universe. Originally it was used by Lana Lang, a friend to Superboy and honorary member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Her powers come from a ring that gives her the physical abilities of various insects and arachnids. In the modern era an extra-terrestrial super-villain has used the name Insect QueenLonna Leing of Xanthu in the 30th Century is a member of the Uncanny Amazers, existing in Reboot Legion continuity. Insect Queen was created by Otto Binder and George Papp, first appearing in Superboy #124 in 1965. 
I got the BG from as a wallpaper. If I knew the name of the artist it would be here...
I added some signs to resemble Metropolis. For this piece I was inspired by my animation colleague's art Lauren Montgomery. Check out her art Blog at