Laurel Kent

Laurel Kent was created in 1976 by writer Jim Shooter and artist Mike Grell for a Legion story called "Future Shock for Superboy." She was the first direct descendant of Superman to appear in DC's 30th century universe. Laurel Kent of Earth was a young woman who happened to be the 30th century direct descendant of Superman. She first introduced herself to a teenage Superboy, then a prominent member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, as 'Elna' (an anagram of "Lane," the surname of Superman's wife Lois Lane). Superboy was initially quite attracted to her, until he discovered to his embarrassment that they were related.  The only super-power Laurel had inherited from her Kryptonian 20th-century ancestor was that of invulnerability, which she demonstrated by absorbing a full-strength energy blast from the Legionnaire Wildfire without suffering even the slightest injury. Because of her invulnerability, she had little need for clothing and favored skimpy outfits (essentially black bikinis, sometimes accessorized with a Superman-like red cape) that reflected this fact. Her only vulnerability was to Kryptonite, due to her Kryptonian heritage. Laurel was given extensive combat training by the Legion Academy, where she learned to take full advantage of her invulnerability as a fighter. Because her body was indestructible, Laurel could hit much harder than a normal human despite lacking her ancestor's super-strength. She could also operate in extreme combat conditions and dangerous environments that few others could enter. 
The BG Cloud City 2 is by Valdek Laur. I've only painted a little over it and made it less realistic.