Hellboy II

Since Hellboy II: The Golden Army it's opening today
I thought it would be nice to have something related to it.
So there...based on a Mignola sketch, but much more simplified.

Update (7-12-08' - 2:41 am)
You are not going to believe what happened today.
I went to see Hellboy II at the Arclight in Sherman Oaks at the 8:30 pm show.
I had a one sheet print out of my tickets, but I thought I get the individual printed tickets when I get there just in case Adriana was late. Adriana was one of my party of five along with Laysha, Laurie and Paul. She is always late.
When I went to do that the operations manager pull me to the side and told me Guillermo Del Toro himself was going to be there for that screening and that he chose those particular seats himself. I guess I got the best seats in the house. We got separate re-assigned seats for that show-time, one on each corner of the theatre, the only unpleasant part of the evening.
So...to make it up to us for the inconvenience they gave us a full refund, a free cool bag full of Hellboy merchandise, including a poster drawn by Mike Mignola, autographed by Guillermo Del Toro, Ron Perlman and Doug Jones.
Oh, and it gets better, we went to dinner at the Arclight Cafe and Guillermo Del Toro and his wife got seated in a table next to us. Obviously we went to talk to him after dinner like the good geeks that we are. He was super cool and nice, very down to earth. Since I'm from Argentina I got to talk to him in spanish and told him I want him to direct my Sci Fi epic Terranova and gave him my last business card. After telling him about our re-assigned seating adventure he even offer to get those seats back to us, because he wasn't going to be at the screening after all. But a lying son a bitch dude that works there said those seats were for the people responsible for the FX in the movie. Whatever...if it wasn't for that I would never meet one of my favorite directors.
We watched the movie and I thought it was awesome. Following the screening was a Q&A with the director. I even got the microphone and got to ask my question.
Like the Simpsons Comic Book Guy would say...best movie night ever!