Temple Guardian

Last but not least, Temple Guardian (I love that name). Actually this was my first piece for that Super Hero project. I'm even considering making this piece one of my possible future paintings for an art gallery.
Based on Aradia Sunseri, she is also a good friend and she is a Temple Fusion Belly Dance artist, Ritual Movement instructor and costume designer. I truly enjoyed working with her on this character. We were totally in the same page, Aradia started telling me this amazing idea she had without knowing I was already drawing it on my own while seating next to her. She has over 15 years of experience in the movement arts and performance in theater, on film and stage. Expressing the anatomy of the soul through ritual dance and original hand made costumes, her visual and energetic presence embodies artistic timeless exploration of sacred dance as devotion.
Check out her site   http://aradiasunseri.com

Her character powers are channeling wisdom keepers, she is a ceremonial Shaman of sacred medicine. Temple Guardian protects all places of worship to the body and energy of each of us.
I had a magical time co-creating this character, thanks for that timeless memory Aradia.
May your ventures in life become successful and blossom beyond imagination.

Hannah Mermaid

From the same Super Hero project that never was...yet, here is Hannah Mermaid. Not only I'm proud to call her a friend, Hannah is a professional underwater mermaid, creating her own functional mermaid tails. She is also a dedicated Ocean activist, she travels the planet performing for charity projects to commercial ventures to bring awareness to the ocean and it's animal life. She has done many movies and shoots swimming in the open ocean with sharks, dolphins, whales, manta rays and more. Check out her website if you wish to hire her talent. http://www.hannahfraser.com/mermaid/
Her powers are all mermaid ancient wisdom and magic. She protects the oceans and sea life on the planet.
I'm so proud of you Hannah, it was great working on your character with you, love ya!


Here is the one of three pieces from a freelance project that was truly free. Probably a good reminder why I've stopped doing freebies. The project never got an official name, the premises where Captain Planet meets Power Rangers but with a contemporary burner/conscious edge. Originally based on Shawn Barry's idea (https://soundcloud.com/shawn-barry-music)
We had a meeting at a Talent Agency (very formal) with a few friends. It had and still has potential for either a TV show or a live performing show. What it got me exited was the idea of having a TV show where we switch from live action to animation within the same universe back and forth per episode. Of course that would be a very hight budget since animation it's not cheap, and of course whoever would produce this potential show would prefer know experience and stablished actors instead of experienced performers/models/artists. Based on everyone's experience involved on this project it would make more sense to do a live show like Marvel Live   http://www.marveluniverselive.com
The project was put on hold for now. I'm sure whatever free art came out of my excitement could still be used for presentation and pitching purposes in the future. It was a good experience to work with friends outside The Simpsons universe.
For the record I'm not taken orders, doing any commission work or adding any more drawings to my list of things to do. Sorry folks, I'm a busy man, nothing personal.
This character, Dove, was based on Alicia Marie. She is an incredible aerialist who performed with Motley Crue and the Lucent Dossier Experience just to name a few. She helped me co-create the background for this character. Her powers: Flight, can change her size to a faerie and fast speed. She protects the air and skies.
I truly hope this brilliant project gets picked up someday.