Chameleon Boy

Chameleon Boy, or Reep Brande, was born on the planet Durla, he is the son of the wealthy R.J. Brande, who supports the Legion. Inspired by them, he left home after declining the offer to kill his brother, which was a ritual of his home planet. He joined the Legion through his dad, passing his audition with flying colours. He, unlike his dad, has the ability to become any living thing, changing his form and voice. He is a big fan of Superman. That's right, Chameleon Boy can change his body and cell molecular structure into any creature, person, or thing. He makes a great spy. Chameleon Boy was created by Jerry Siegel and Jim Mooney. He first appeared in Action Comics #267(August, 1960). The BG Alien Jungle is by Concept Colin, retouched it in photoshop myself.