A Khund warrior and short term member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the Glorithverse. Veilmist was born into a masochist world, where women were only for breeding while the men did all else. She had even been experimented on by her scientist father, giving her the ability of teleportation. A clever girl and one of the few Khund females to truly see the opportunity to rise from her rank, Veilmist decided to use her beauty and abilities to her advantage. Her latest husband had been Firefist, a cybernetic enhanced warrior in the Khund military. When Firefist was deployed by the army to assist the Legion of Super-Heroes in defeating Mordru's army of undead, Veilmist left with him. While most of her Khund teammates despised the Legionnaires and wished they could kill them, Veilmist was up to her old tricks and was quickly seducing the powerful male members of the Legion, especially Ultra BoyLater, she offered to assist in collecting the bombs to save Weber's World if Ultra Boy would take her away from Firefist. Tired of her disloyalty, Firefist turned on his wife and shot Veilmist to death. Her date of death was marked January 2nd, 2996 and she was cursorily presumed dead by Brainiac 5 . I don't know who made the BG, I got it from It is a screensaver and I went over it to match my character.