Celeste McCauley of the 30th century is the niece of one of the galaxy's richest industrialists. She is the living embodiment of the last remnants of Green Lantern energy. She was brought back from the brink of death when that collective energy invaded her body and healed its inoperable injuries. She is also known by other aliases as Neon, Darkstar or Celeste Rockfish. One of her outfits looked like a Star Trek the Next Generation's uniform to me so I went for the emerald energy form before Darkstar on Zero Hour.  Celeste has not appeared in any other Legion timelines, but did make a brief appearance in the Legion of Three Worlds story arc, helping the Legionnaires against the Time Trapper
Speaking of which, the Time Trapper along Karate Kid and Dawnstar appear on a new JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time. It's a Target exclusive and it wasn't very much advertised unlike Justice League War. Of course I own it and watched it yesterday. Despite on the Karate Kid's design (not so much), the black wings? on Dawnstar  and the ginormous jaw on Sups,  I liked it, it was allright! Besides, some of my friends worked on it so good job guys!
The BG is the Nebula RCW 49 located 13,700 light years away. It is a dusty stellar nursery that contains more than 2,200 stars and is about 350 light years across. I went over it and made it green.