Porcupine Pete

Born with rough patches that eventually grew into long quills, Peter Dursin never let his appearance get him down. Loved by his caring parents and accepted warmly by his classmates, Pete tried out for the Legion with a wide smile and an ability to project his quills from his body. However, his aim was less than ideal and he was rejected. The Legion of Substitute-Heroes, however, welcomed the young man warmly into their ranks.
The BG was made by the talented Young Joons, the pose was based on a stock photo at http://daestock.deviantart.com/  they have a great array of reference poses there. It toke me a little longer than usual on this one, I was debating between simplification or detail. Clearly I went for detail since this won't be used for any animation shows...that I know of. The quills where a bit time consuming. I was trying to add elements from a real porcupine. Eventually I'll add it to the group shot I've posted previously. More legionnaires coming soon, stay tuned.