Legion of Substitute Heroes

Here is the updated Legion of Substitute Heroes group shot!
A group of 30th-century heroes who were denied membership into the Legion of Super-Heroes, due to their powers being deemed limited or inadequate. So they banded together to prove the Legion wrong. 
To my knowledge this is a complete group shot of the substitutes. I apologize "if" I left some character out due to my unawareness. 
For an all Legionnaires group shot you may have to wait for a while, but I'll get there eventually. You are probably asking yourself why are they wearing all legion rings? I know it's a cheat but it's looks more dynamic if some members could fly on the shot. The BG is called "Parking Structure" and was painted by Kurt Richards. I've only changed it a bit.
I'm planning to contact DC comics to see if they are interested in making a poster of this.
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Urk is a former member of the Legion of Substitute Heroes and a current member of the Legion Academy. Very little is known about Urk even though he has been appearing in various Legion of Superheroes comics for almost thirty years, except this mischievous alien loves to chew on wires. The only readable word Urk has ever said is "Urk." He has also spoken an unreadable alien language, though. The BG, Sci-Fi Interior by Mark Yang was the perfect choice for a wire chewing alien. Special thanks to CA for the info on Urk, much appreciated. I believe now that I've done most of Substitute Heroes an upgraded group shot it's in order... I'm sure by now someone noticed I've been drawing nothing by ugly and obscure characters. Well, that's what happens when you get the cool and sexy ones done first. I'm still having a blast finding new challenging ways to make ugly characters look cool the best that I can. Staying "somewhat" faithful to the original comic book design it's a must for my personal taste. No worries I'll keep em' coming until I'm done with ALL of them.
Long live the Legion.

Double Header

Bam! Double whammy, double post!
Frenk and Dyvud Retzun were from Janus, a world where a species starts as conjoined twins and eventually split into two identical beings.
Double-Header has the power of having two heads with two distinct personalities. He was rejected after his tryout for the Legion of Super-Heroes and instead joined the Legion of Substitute Heroes. 
He was killed in Earth-Man's assault on the Subs, but this was never shown on-panel.
The BG, Landfall Terminal by Michael Pedro. I was influenced by Stuart Immonen's art on Double Header's expressions. 

Fortress Lad

Fortress Lad is an alien from the planet Fwang.  Because that planet is constantly besieged by meteor storms, all Fwangian boys, at puberty, gain the ability to transform themselves into metallic fortresses for the protection of others.  
He once saved the founding members of the Legion of Superheroes by transforming himself into what
would become their headquarters.
Years later this clubhouse became the Legion of Substitute Heroes headquarters. 
The BG it's from Stephan Martiniere, here is his website  http://www.martiniere.com/

Antenna Lad

Khfeurb Chee Bez, born on the planet Grxyor, was "blessed" from birth with his unnaturally shaped ears. Antenna Lad was one of the many applicants who were on hand to try to fill the empty slot in the Legion left by the "death" of founding Legionnaire Lightning Lad. He was rejected because his power, the ability to pick up radio waves transmitted from anywhere on the plant, from the present or past was imperfect, often resulting in deafening feedback squeals. This same ability, however, brought him to the attention of the researchers at the Metropolis Time Institute, who used his power to collect ancient recordings to add to their body of historical knowledge. Later Khfeurb applied to the Legion of Substitute Heroes, and was accepted as an auxiliary member (the Subs could find little use for his abilities either, yet did not want to reject any applicant). Antenna Lad was only briefly seen in cameos after that, including an appearance at the wedding of Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel. During the "Five Years Later" storyarc, Khfeurb is shown multiple times as a newscaster with the United Planets Broadcasting Service. 
I wish I knew the name of the artist for this beautiful BG for the deserved credit. I got it from www.fantasy-writers.org 
After spending so much time with Porcupine Pete I decided to go for a more simple design here. Still got so many Legionnaires to draw...

Porcupine Pete

Born with rough patches that eventually grew into long quills, Peter Dursin never let his appearance get him down. Loved by his caring parents and accepted warmly by his classmates, Pete tried out for the Legion with a wide smile and an ability to project his quills from his body. However, his aim was less than ideal and he was rejected. The Legion of Substitute-Heroes, however, welcomed the young man warmly into their ranks.
The BG was made by the talented Young Joons, the pose was based on a stock photo at http://daestock.deviantart.com/  they have a great array of reference poses there. It toke me a little longer than usual on this one, I was debating between simplification or detail. Clearly I went for detail since this won't be used for any animation shows...that I know of. The quills where a bit time consuming. I was trying to add elements from a real porcupine. Eventually I'll add it to the group shot I've posted previously. More legionnaires coming soon, stay tuned.